What are the list of good veg Indian recipe websites?

What are the list of good veg Indian recipe websites?

Navigating Through the Enthralling World of Indian Cuisine

As Atticus, I've always admired the diversity and complexity Indian cuisine brings to the world of gastronomy. Whether it's the North Indian curries, South Indian staples, or street foods inspired by various regions throughout India, the variety is simply astounding, and, naturally, vegan and vegetarian options are aplenty. To keep up with the ever-changing culinary landscape, and to get a taste of what India has to offer, here are some incredible websites to fill your hearts and stomachs, just as they have with me:

Delving Into the Indian Vegetarian Archive: Veg Recipes of India

Many find the Veg Recipes of India website a treasure trove for vegetarian Indian recipes! It has served me tremendously, presenting a myriad of options that cater to a range of regional preferences. Be it Mumbai's beloved Pav Bhaji or Hyderabad's famous Biryani (Yes, there's a veg version too!), this website covers it all. The site is boosted by detailed step-by-step instructions with inviting visuals, making cooking a treat. The beauty of it lies in how it provides little tips to manage tricky procedures - a bonus for folks just starting their culinary journey. It's where I learned to cook my first Shahi Paneer, and oh boy, did it win over my friends!

Pinning Down Vegan Delicacies: Hebbars Kitchen

When I pledged to go vegan for a month, the Hebbars Kitchen literally saved me. I quickly turned from suspicion to obsession as I explored this site more, its magic lying in simplifying complex Indian dishes. It's almost like a cheat code to cooking great Indian food. Imagine transforming lentils, veggies, and spices into a lip-smacking Dal Tadka within minutes using their quick-fix recipes. The accompanying videos are a cherry on top, explaining each step in digestible chunks. There's even a special "quick" section, perfect for those "I am starving, need food NOW" moments.

Reviving Traditional Indian Taste: Manjula’s Kitchen

If you’ve ever had the joy of tasting a home-cooked Indian meal, you’ll know there’s something simply inexplicable about the warmth it carries. That's what I found in Manjula's Kitchen. The website revives the old school charm of Indian cooking. With traditional recipes passed down generations, you can cook up vintage magic in your kitchens too. Manjula Ji, the website's protagonist, has dedicated her life to share this culinary culture. Anecdotal and full of love, her recipes truly hold the Indian essence.

Delights in Diversity: Vegan Richa

The last recommendation on our list brings an interesting twist to classic Indian recipes. The powerhouse behind Vegan Richa takes traditional Indian ingredients and gives them a vegan spin, while keeping the authenticity intact. Not just limited to Indian cuisine, the site offers a global culinary experience with drool-worthy pictures accompanying each recipe. Remember, don't judge the book by its cover here; the recipes taste as good as they look!

As they say in India, "Atithi Devo Bhava" (Guest is God). So, I invite you to these Indian kitchens, unlimited in variety and flavors. Who knows, maybe you would find your favorite Indian dish among these pages, just as I found my love for Aloo Gobi on Vegan Richa's pages.

Bon Appétit!